Why not just get a local metalworker to make glass transportation racks?

There are about a dozen specialist suppliers of glass transportation systems around the world. These are the companies which lead the industry by creating and inventing new and better ways for the industry to carry its product between businesses and to the customer sites. There are others too which just copy, but the core dozen do the leading, and on the whole they are all good companies.

There's another group of manufacturers and generalist metalworking fabricators who will make anything they are asked to, and when asked by a local glass company to build a rack, they'll give it a go. They are typically good fabricators but don't have the experience and specific industry componentry which a specialist manufacturer will have. As time moves on and the industry progresses the difference between the solutions provided by each type of supplier is expanding.

In my opinion the generalist metalworker has done his time. Customers are expecting that their transport solutions will assist them with features, componentry and systems to help them to save time, reduce damage to product and hence rework, and address their health and safety needs. I believe that the quality of the product able to be provided by a generalist metalworker is no longer viable for our customers.