Does size really matter – width of transporters

We build purpose built transportation systems for the glass and window industries, and have been doing so for over 20 years. 

Transporting window frames and transporting glass are fundamentally different. With window frames you often carry a lot more air and lot less weight than with glass. Often the challenge is to maximise the number of units carried, where on a glass truck often the vehicle is limited by allowable road user weights.

However, just as many window transporters are limited in their widths, so many older glass transporters have been built for transporting single glaze items. A houselot of single glaze needs a lot less ledge width than a houselot of double glaze – the double glaze is about 4 times more bulky. 

It surprises me that some new glass vehicles are being built with just external racks – they may have the required capacity for today, but with the trends we see, will they still be a viable and cost effective vehicle in five years time?

When we provide upgrades to window transporters we sometimes increase the overall width of the vehicle so that a greater load can be carried.

Yep, "width" really does matter!