Ridding the industry of carpet

I spent some time last week driving to meet with customers at their sites. One customer I hadn't met in a while greeted me with "You're the guy whose going to rid the industry of carpet!".  Yep that's me.

A few years ago I recognised that most window fabricators in some of our markets manufacture their window frames on trestles and tables which are clad in carpet. Although cheap, carpet tends to hold swarf, shavings and general factory debris which can cause scratches to the aluminium powdercoat and PVC window frames during manufacture. Additionally when small joint sealer and other glues get onto the carpet they stick, and tend to "ball-up" creating a lump which window frames catch on when we're working them. 

Carpet is afterall a product designed to walk on. The glass and window industry spends a great deal of effort and cost to create high quality extrusions and finishes, and manufacturers pride themselves on the quality of their finished goods. Yet many perform the core role of manufacturing window frames on as product designed to walk on? Surely the window industry has progressed past this!

For this reason I vowed to "rid the industry of carpet" and get our customers using a purpose built polymer worksurface. We call it "Trestle Topper" and its brilliant as it overcomes the problems that window fabricators have with carpet.

Carpet's for walking on!