Lifting injuries

Last week we had a public holiday, ANZAC day, which my family spent at our local hot pools at Hanmer. While sitting in the hot pools pondering life a guy slowly made his way across to the pool from the change room. He hobbled along with a horrendous limp. Like him I have a back injury and at times the pain of such a simple activity as walking can be intense.

It reminded me of how important avoiding lifting injuries is for staff at glass and window factories. We deal with heavy products. Incorrect lifting of a heavy glass or window product can lead to a lifetime of back pain.

Many of the companies I work with, and many of the factory individuals I meet are "blokey", proud of what they can lift, and resist the opportunity to use the types of lifting equipment we supply, even when its already been bought and paid for. If and when these same people experience an injury the effects are huge for both the injured person and their employer. It's often post-injury that our equipment gets fully used, which is a sad truth.

Other than continuing to promote good equipment and good practise throughout the glass and window industries I'm not sure what else I can do. I want to help reduce injuries.