I was recently told by a customer that our products are expensive. How do you define expensive?

For me the most expensive item in our business is the one which was bought with the right intentions but not used. Whatever it's cost, whether it was a cheap item or the best in its class, if it never gets used then its expensive. By comparison, other products which are best in class and come with a higher price are not so expensive if they are used regularly. If fact, if they are an item which is used regularly then I'd suggest that the item deserves to be best in class.

We do a lot to make sure that our products are used. We have significant pre-sales literature, our quotes are detailed, our larger items all come with user guides and training documents, we have an online training section on our website, we are in regular contact with our clients, and we invite customers make contact with us over any issues. As a result there are few if any of our products for the glass and window industries which are gathering dust in the corners of factories or carparks.

By my definition our products are not expensive.