Thanks to the reader that referred to my last weeks blog as a rant. I think it possibly was, and I'm not put off by that…..

Last week I visited a customer site to show the owner a new window trailer we've built. He said my trailer was "expensive", then showed me his trailer. His trailer had cost him less dollars, so yes mine was more expensive, but the two trailers were not the same. Furthermore some "enhancements" to his trailer were in parts in his factory. Time, effort, and some capex had been spent putting the enhancements together. When its completed I'm sure it will work well for his business, but by my definition, any investment which is not yet working to its potential is "expensive".

The trailer I'm delivering is going to a customer who has already installed our solution on his truck. For his business our solution is a cost justified investment. It will work well for his business from the day it's delivered, so by my definition it's not expensive.