18 June 2012

Increasing volumes – Right vehicles

Following on from last week, as volumes increase we need to make sure that we've got the right vehicles for the right jobs. Traditionally many glazing companies have standardised on a make and model of vehicle for their onsite teams. Increasingly we see these companies creating fleets with a variety of vehicle types to allow them to address more opportunities, and also to have the right vehicle solution for each job. The same logic applies for window companies where the variety of job types and solution types (windows, doors, large sliders, commercial etc) means that a range of vehicles is ideal, provided that volumes can justify the asset cost.

Carting a large item on a vehicle not built for items that big can be illegal, dangerous and expensive. Using a jumbo sized vehicle for a few small units can be expensive also.

As volumes increase the need for the right capacity of transportation as well as the right vehicle type will become more apparent.

We recently built a large window trailer for a customer who was planning what their volumes and product sizes would be 5 years from now. This makes sense given the useful life of such an asset. They figured that unit sizes would continue to increase for the foreseeable future.

Having the right vehicle for the job can make a huge difference. Please don't hesitate to call us if you want to involve us in your planning for the future.