Increasing volumes – Right trolleys

The number of glass units being processed in New Zealand glass factories is on the increase. The average size of the units is greater than it was a few years ago. This means that the trolleys which used to process a certain number of units are not suitable for the same number of units being processed today (or in the future).

For one of our clients we're currently updating their factory trolleys. The average size of the new trolleys is around twice that of the old trolleys being replaced. This allows for today's larger units and also what the predicted average size of units will be in the future, during the useful life of the trolleys.

Having large glass units stored on small storage systems and trolleys, and using small trolleys to move large glass units around a factory is dangerous.

We provide a service where we audit the trolleys and processes in a glass factory. We also provide a range of glass trolley sizes so that the right trolley can be used for each job.