Did you know?

The current global production of solar energy is equivalent to around 40 nuclear power stations.

At 30 March 2012 there were 436 nuclear power plants operating in 31 countries with an installed electric net capacity of about 370 GW. Solar energy generation is already around 10% of this.

The USA seems to be leading solar energy development and production. This is driven by many factors including legislation that California must have 33% renewable energy by 2020.

Solar energy has huge potential as the earth absorbs more solar power in one hour than we as currently use in one year. In addition to being free energy, there are other "green" benefits which are well documented.

For the glass and window industries this provides a unique opportunity. Photovoltaic cells in glass panels are the most widely developed way to capture energy from the suns rays. Other systems use farms of concave mirrors to reflect and concentrate the energy. Around the globe scientists and entrepreneurs are developing better systems for solar capture and most involve glass.

I had trouble getting consistency from various sources on the global increase in solar energy capture, but on average it seems that this industry is growing at around 10% per year. If anyone has an accurate figure please let me know as solar represents a growing opportunity for the entire glass and window industry. 

In the history of flat glass production how many opportunities for growth like this have been identified?