What's the area of your business which has changed the least in the last 10 years of business?

Is it the extrusions you use for your window frames? Is it the glass? Is it the benches which your staff make window frames on? Is it the lifting equipment you use to reduce health and safety risks? 

Transportation of the finished window to the customer site is an area that for a lot of window companies has remained relatively unchanged for the last 10 years. Many window fabricators use A-frame and U-frame style vehicles with the window frames tied on with ropes and straps, often with carpet or cardboard in between to reduce scratches and transit rub damage. It's an area that often doesn't get a lot of focus as it's not on the factory floor.

Finished goods transportation is an area that we've helped a lot of window companies get big advances in time savings, reductions in damage to product (and hence less rework) and addressing health and safety needs,.

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