Toyota Dyna and Hino Dutro vans

Some feedback from my last 2 weeks blogs is that the Toyota Dyna and Hino Dutro (the same vehicle, just different badging, so referred to as Dyna from here on …) deserve more of a mention.

In laymans terms the Dyna van is a Toyota Dyna truck chassis and running gear with a truck cab at the front and a Toyota Hi-Ace van body grafted onto the back. The cab is wider than the van body and more square sided, so the graft is fabricated as best the manufacture could. Most people think this is the ugliest van ever made, and they may be right, but in terms of functionality its certainly one of the most suitable for the glass and window industry. The Dyna has the simplicity of a van body with the suspension, engine and transmission of a truck to provide longevity and reliability. A winning formula.

If you're vans are suffering from wear on their running gear as a result of the loads you carry the Dyna may be a good option. We've fitted Dynas with glass carrying on both external van racks and internal van racks and can advise in terms of rack sizing and options.

A Dyna may be a nice step up from a standard van without the additional costs associated with purchasing a truck.