The benefit is in the details

I've been asked to write a technical document on glass transportation. In preparing this whitepaper I was forced to consider what the benefits are of all the small innovations and details in our transportation products. Anyone can make a glass carrier, but few manufacturers globally can make a "great" glass carrier.

This is the first blog in a series about the little things which make our glass carriers the worlds best.

The first benefit I want to highlight is the use of T6 extruded aluminium. We own 15 aluminum dies which we use to extrude aluminium sections for our glass transporters. No-one else has access to these extrusions. Each and every extrusion has been thought out to ensure that it adds benefits to the final solution that can't be achieved with off the shelf parts.

The reason for using T6 aluminum rather than steel is that its a lightweight but strong product which requires no finishing (painting) to provide an attractive, durable product with longevity.  Aluminum also differs from steel and stainless steel in that it will flex and provide "springyness" where steel will just bend. For retention systems which require pressure to be exerted on the glass load this "springyness" is ideal.

The combination of a steel structure and aluminum componentry provides benefits not available with other materials, and not available with just one material.