Why is the roofbar section so heavy?

Our roofbar section is an extrusion which we designed and we own the die for. It's not available for others to purchase.

Our roofbar extrusion is the heaviest and strongest we've ever seen. If there was an off the shelf product which had the same strength as ours we'd be buying that instead of making one. The reason it has to be so strong is simply because of the load it carries. 

The Glass Racking Company can frails are designed to be supported by the roofbar, with the weight of the frail and glass load being transferred via the roofbar and brackets into the gutter of the van. The gutter is at the top of the vans side panels and hence is the strongest point on the van for load carrying.

The brackets at the bottom of the rack simply hold it out from the side of the van. They are not intended for load carrying. To make them load carrying would require some serious connection into the frame of the underneath of the van which would always be at risk if the rack was in a collision. Our bottom brackets ensure that in a collision the damage to the van is minimised, and hence the cost of repair is minimised.  

So that's why our van roof bars are so strong, and why we don't recommend using an existing third party roofbar with a van rack. Off the shelf roofbars were not designed for the weight load of a van rack.

Additionally our roofbar has a polymer insert to provide a soft non-marking bearing surface for any additional items carried on the roofbar. The slot which holds the polymer can also be used for securing bolt heads meaning that the additional or other retention systems on the roofbar is easy and low cost.

This series of blogs is about the benefit being in the detail, and this is why our roofbar extrusion is so much better than most (if not all….) off the shelf non-glass specific roofbars.