After a 2 week holiday into my favourite product photos, this week I'm back on track with my series of blogs on why the small details in our products make all the difference. 

The reason for the focus on the little things is this is where the additional benefit comes from. As a company completely committed to the supply of transportation and factory handling solutions to the glass and window industries we are very focussed on supplying solutions which are "the best" rather than "good enough".

The design of the raised base blocks on our vehicles, trolleys and other glass handling products have some cleverly thought out features. Being raised they allow aluminium swarf, glass shelling and road or factory debris to roll off and not rest on the bearing surface for the glass or window, reducing damage to the products bottom edge. The bearing surface is a non-marking polymer, the details of which were described in a previous blog. There's an end cap in the base block which stops the polymer from sliding out, which may not seem like a big thing, but take a look at any rack which doesn't have endcaps and you'll see bearing surfaces hanging out or missing – in either case they're no longer doing their job and the rack is no longer performing as it did when it was new. We manufacture our transportation base blocks from T6 extruded aluminium which is lightweight and of the right strength for the role. We manufacture our factory handling (trolley) base blocks from folded steel for ease of manufacture and strength, and most often hot dip galvanise them for longevity and appearance. We have two heights for both types of base blocks. The taller base blocks allow for pole retention system (a steel tongue fitting into a series of slots) to be installed between the base blocks.      
Ah, the humble base block. A very small item with so much thought behind it!