The Glass Racking Company Safety Arms are designed to retain the glass or window load on our trolleys when they are being moved around the factory. The goal is to stop the glass and window units from starting to fall, to stop them gaining any momentum, and hence protect both the product and the staff. 

Other key design aspects for the safety arms are that they must be easy to use and low cost. If not easy to use (and to use means to put on, to take off, and the store when not in use) they won't be used. The design of our Safety Arm is clever in its simplicity, and they ARE easy to use. Additionally we zinc coat our safety arms orange so that factory management can easily see when the safety arms are and are not being used. We have storage lugs on the trolleys so that the safety arms can be stored with the trolley when not being used (as opposed to leaned against a wall somewhere) so that they are always easy and quick to access when needed – this further aids in having the safety arms used.

The "feature" of low cost is because the safety arms are an alternate to our pole based retention system used for our glass and window transporter systems. If the arms aren't low cost then the users may just use the poles.

We've had several generations of safety arms that are improved each time based on feedback from our customers, and experiences we've had and seen when we're onsite with our customers. The biggest change has been to the slider system which is now shorter and easier to use, and due top the change in design and materials, is actually stronger. 

We could have stayed with our "Mark One" safety arm as it did the job, but that's not how we roll …..