The Glass Racking Company Profoams are designed to assist window customers to store and transport window frames without them getting damaged. They're a very simple buffer product, or are they?

In the past many window fabricators have used cardboard and carpet to provide a soft separator between their window frames during transportation. There's no secret that keeping hard surfaces away from finished product reduces damage and rework costs. So, where the benefit in the detail of our Profoams?

Our Profoams are designed to clip over the reveal and/or extrusion. In different markets windows are shipped differently so the use of this product varies. The key is the same though – the design means that the Profoam "clips on" and the shape means that the Profoam hugs the product. This shape is key as it helps keep them in place and avoids movement and losses in transportation, something that is near impossible to achieve quickly and cost effectively with cardboard and carpet. 

The second design feature is the material. We've chosen a Copolymer which has a "springy" consistency. This means that when a load is strapped up and under pressure the Profoams "fight back" and keep the load under pressure rather than just compressing. This means that while the load is transported and the load is under various pressures (acceleration, braking, corners etc) the Profoams take-up and release this additional pressure while still keeping the units separated. Without this "springyness" the packers can compress and not release creating a small gap between the window frames. The further the load is carried the greater the gap until the buffers begin to fall out and the "slapping" of the load during corners and acceleration/deceleration becomes so great that the load gets damaged. Not good.  

The copolymer product we use is non-marking on aluminium and glass, it leaves no residue, it doesn't leave rub marks on soft satin finish powdercoats (as polystyrene buffers can), it maintains its shape, and does not beak down in sunlight and a variety of weather conditions.

And lastly we can make our Profoams in a variety of colours, and they're able to be printed on. Both these features assist customers to manage their stock of Profoams and also help with company branding.

Profoams from The Glass Racking Company have lots of value added benefits for such a simple product.