Differentiate your offering

A very successful owner of a large glass company once said to me that in growing his business he had used glass transportation as a point of differentiation against his competition. Furthermore, the differentiation he achieved meant that all his competitors had to either follow his lead or provide a lesser service to their clients, and hence put that business at risk. By the time the others had plans in place to catch-up he was already pushing further ahead with his next idea for differentiating his service. In doing so he got a reputation for innovation, the best service, and his business grew in revenue and profitability.

Much is said in business about how people are the biggest asset. One key to getting the best from your "people asset" is to empower them with the right tools. The very best staff will not be at their best with poor equipment, and will always be at risk of leaving to other glass or window companies which provide a better work environment. Innovation in vehicle choice and body design which allow your staff to be at their best is a very effective and relatively easy to achieve way to create a point of difference.

In our business we work with customers every week to develop solutions which are tailored for their business to allow them to create a point of difference in their market. Although we promote our range of "standard offerings" most of the vehicles we manufacture have some tailoring in them. Our customers want and need that, and because our "people asset" has good tools we're able to supply that need.