Last weeks question "What's the area of your business which has changed the least in the last 10 years?" invoked some interesting feedback. Like many things in life it's the squeaky wheel which gets the oil, and most often it's the item which is in your face that gets noticed. Finished goods transportation often trundles along doing what it's always done (not squeaking) and is out of factory so out of mind.

Interestingly we notice that requests for our window transportation system increase once one of our window vehicles hits the road in a particular region. This was the same with glass transportation many years ago when we started building specialist glass trucks â€" once one company was using them and both the customer and their customers were experiencing (and talking about) the benefits, others in the same geographic region realised that their transporters had "squeaky wheels" and were a potential area for improvement.  

So what's the best way to identify areas of your business for improvement? The CEO of a large corporate I worked for many years ago told me that he needed to see a certain number of supplier reps every week as they bought him new ideas for the business. He said he could rely on staff for some ideas, but was prepared to commit time to sales reps to help widen the net of ideas. Those reps that bought new ideas were invited back.

I like to think that The Glass Racking Company is a supplier which brings new ideas to your business. We spend a lot of time on the road visiting our customers. We have newsletters. We have a comprehensive website with over 100 online videos of our products. We talk a lot on the phone and skype. We return all emails with whatever help we can.