Listen. Question. Understand. Deliver.

At a recent management team meeting we set these four words as our Company Focus.

We think this summarises what everyone in our company should "focus" on while they work for The Glass Racking Company. Whether we are meeting a prospective customer for the first time, responding to an email, working in the factory to make a product, or developing a new solution, these four words should be our focus. 

One of our strengths is that we listen. To our customers and suppliers. The second is that we question. We use our knowledge to have an informed discussion about the merits of ideas and options. At the end of that both ourselves and the person we're with should have a clear understanding of what's required. From there we simply deliver. The delivery becomes far easier if the focus has been right in the initial stages.

For our factory, our staffs ability to listen, question, understand and deliver means better decisions and reduced rework. Both are good outcomes.

Our culture enables anyone to question anything at any time without fear of offending or looking ignorant. Someone who asks a question may be 90% sure of the answer, but just wants clarification to get to 100% understanding before focusing on delivery.

Listen. Question. Understand. Deliver. It works for us.