If it aint right, don't sell it

Over the last 3 weeks I've changed my diet to be gluten free. This is primarily achieved through not eating white bread. I've experimented with a number of lunch options to replace a sandwich or roll, including rice, noodles, more meat and veg and a variety of fruits and nuts. Most of the meals have been great, but not all of them.

If you're looking for a Christmas present for someone you don't like try giving them a loaf of gluten free white bread. Tasteless. Dry like stale bread. Stiff and crumbly texture. Just not nice to eat, and certainly nothing like white bread made with gluten and wheat. 

What a simple reminder of the basics. If you're developing a new product and it isn't quite right, don't be tempted to say its good enough and try to sell it. Develop it some more, and if it still isn't right, them move on to something else. 

We supply the glass and window industries with products developed specifically for glass and windows. We don't try to make something from another industry fit. We don't try to get by with off the shelf componentry. We take what we believe is the correct road in product development and make the product the very best it can be. Most of our core products have been through many redevelopments and refinements before they go to market. That's why they work.

That's why they work better than my gluten free white bread.