How committed to your work and your and your staff?

During the weekend I watched some of the acts in the World Buskers Festival. One act calling himself "Space Cowboy" was a sword swallower, and also juggled axes while atop a 3.5M unicycle blindfolded. Impressive stuff. 

I spoke with him after his show. He told me that one of the biggest risks with sword swallowing is that the sword ruptures either your heart or the bits around your heart. To reduce this risk Space Cowboy has an operation to insert 3 large magnets under the skin on his upper chest. Now, as the swords are swallowed they tend to hug the front of his chest cavity away from his heart and vital organs. This, plus some other throat expanding exercises (which are a story in themselves) enabled Space Cowboy to set a new world record of 24 blades swallowed simultaneously.

He let me feel the magnets in his chest. A bit weird, but they're definitely there!

In talking with Space Cowboy his commitment to be the best at what he does was what got to me. Imagine what could be achieved if we were all that committed to our work.