This is my first blog is a series of blogs on ways I believe the glass and window  industry can be better.

In my role at The Glass Racking Company I'm fortunate to spend a great deal of time in glass and window factories. A very common sound in a glass company is the sound of smashing glass – of glass items which are not right being binned. In window companies the sound is not quite so dramatic, but there's a reasonable amount of aluminium or PVC that gets binned, or stacked in one of those "offcuts for future use" areas, and most often gets thrown out annually.

The cost of rework in the glass and window industries is very high, and is a hidden cost, not appearing on the companies financial statements, but certainly diminishing the bottom line.

There's only four reasons that rework is required in a glass and window factory – poor quality of supplied raw materials, poor processing equipment, poor communications within the company, or poor workmanship. 

I challenge all glass and window companies to start classifying all your rework into these four areas. Track the real costs of each rework job, including all the additional management time, reordering time, etc. Add it up each quarter to see what rework cost for each of the four reasons for rework. If you and your staff are honest in your information, for many companies this will be frightening. Do the maths and work out what percentage of company profit the losses for rework are. Then call a staff meeting.

At The Glass Racking Company we provide solutions for the glass and window industries which save time, reduce rework, and address health and safety. If you want to reduce rework costs and you know where the product damage is happening in your factory process, we can help. Please call us to understand how our solutions can help reduce this loss.