4 Feb 2013

This is my second blog is a series of blogs on ways I believe the glass and window  industry can be better.

Storing processed glass or window items of varying sizes using straps and ropes is very challenging. If the units are interleaved then the straps and ropes only hold the end units, allowing units in the middle to move. This also creates greater pressure on the edges (or flanges) of the end units, which can lead to damage.

One option is to stack loads as stacks of similar items. This ensures the load won't move but a storage facility is likely to have various stacks of items with spaces in between for the securing straps. Storage and transportation systems designed this way store and transport a lot of air. 

Storing processed glass or windows with a retention system using poles or safety arms means that the items can be interleaved, and the entire load is compressed against the frame for retention. This minimises movement and reduces damage, while maximising the load capacity. 

The Glass Racking Company also designs, manufactures and supplies a range of copolymer spacers for within a load to separate items to reduce rub damage, and also enable loads of various sized items to be interleaved.

We have an ever increasing pool of experience in helping our customers reduce rub damage to processed and finished goods, which minimises the storage or transportation space required. Please call us anytime to chat through what you want to achieve.

What's it worth to your business to reduce your storage and transportation capacity by 15%?