As you may remember from last week I've been away from work hunting deer in the rainforest wilderness of Fiordland for the last week. My son Charlie and I shot lots of deer, we got rained on each day, were nearly eaten alive by the sand flies, and wouldn't have swapped that week for anything. The only downer was I injured myself, resulting n emergency surgery, and an estimated 2 weeks of work. Bugger!

The world of flat glass and window transportation, and factory handling equipment continues and fortunately we have a very busy schedule of production booked in our factory. For those readers who subscribe to our monthly newsletter (Click HERE if you don't) we'll be featuring some new window trailers, glass transportation and factory equipment in the up and coming issue. As global economies begin to dig themselves out of the recessionary period, and we are fortunate that some of the markets we work in have been quick to do this, many glass and window businesses are looking to The Glass Racking Company to assist with efficiency gains and creating differentiation in their markets. If that's what you need help with please contact us.

All the best and enjoy the week.
From the recovery room.