It's Easter Monday, and rather than being on an Easter Egg hunt, my son and I are deep in the rainforests of Fiordland on a deer hunt. This is the second year I've taken Charlie to this remote wilderness for the "red deer roar", a time of deer mating when the behaviour of the animals changes dramatically, leading to very exciting hunting opportunities. Although we enjoy hunting adventures throughout the year, the "roar" is the most productive time to hunt deer.

As a thought for the week for the glass and window industry, ponder whether or not you're still in the most attractive market segment. Most business owners in the glass and window industry set out to specialise in one market area as it's the most attractive at that time. Be it contracting, residential, commercial, shop fronts, retail, replacement glass, new group homes, new architectural homes, etc. The question is whether or not this is still the most attractive market. Likewise over the life of a business the skillsets change as people gain new skills and staff come and go, and the requirements of markets change due to trends and technology.

Easter, what better time to make a simple list of the skills your business has, and a list of the potential markets you could target to work it. Marry the two together to see if you're still in the most attractive market. If not, what's the cost of the change and is it worthwhile.

Gotta go, I can see some antlers ...