Last night I received a call from Tony, a customer of ours, ordering some parts for his glass vehicle. Tony proudly told me that he's about to be a Dad for the first time. We chatted about parenting, and Tony commented that he has a very well behaved pet dog. The dog knows its boundaries, it knows when it's done good and when it's done bad, and they get on very well. Tony spends valuable time with his dog, and they are the best of mates. 

Another "acquaintance" of mine has a particularly poorly behaved dog â€" it yaps, it jumps up on you, it pesters you when you're eating at the table. I could go on, and I don't like that dog. Interestingly that same person has a broken marriage, plus 2 kids who he has issues with. In my opinion the kids are a little off the rails, and may well go right off the rails.

So is there a link between how an adult raises a dog, and how they manage relationships and bring up their children? I believe so. I also think Tony and his partner will be great parents.

More importantly, is there a link between how an adult parents their children and how they manage staff at work? I believe so. The skill sets required are very similar, and the human behaviours and relationships are very similar. A dog who's continually beaten becomes submissive. A child who has no boundaries often gets wayward. A manager who tolerates certain behaviour tends to get more of it.

Interestingly over the years I've noticed that many of the business leaders that I've respected the most at work, also have enviable home lives. 

So, when interviewing a new manager for a position should we spend time with their families and pets? Probably not, but there is benefit to a business to have well rounded staff who have good home lives and maybe these should be key traits to look for.