I was driving in to work at 5 past 7 on Saturday morning thinking how I'd much rather be asleep in bed, and wondering why I've got into the habit of waking at 6.30am every morning, including the weekends. I stop at the traffic lights. A cyclist pulls up alongside me, and looks into the vehicle as if he knows me. I open the passengers side window, thinking to myself "I don't think I know this guy". A cheery voice with an accent (possible German) says to me "Thanks for building the bike rack at Restart mall. It's a good one!".  We briefly small talk until the lights go green and I continue my trip to work.

What a nice thing to say. For me this was a gentle reminder just how important it is in all parts of our lives, work, social, and family to thank people when they do something good. It costs nothing, and as was the case with the cyclist, it gave me a real boost.

Restart is a shopping precinct made up of shops and cafes which are all housed in shipping containers. It's a very funky retail environment, and located close to the heart of the old CDB of Christchurch. 90% of Christchurch's CDB has been or is being demolished as a result of the devastating earthquakes which smashed the city 2 years ago. There was a competition for the best bike rack organised by "The Ministry of Awesome". The winners bike rack was a Koru design, typifying all things New Zealand, and symbolic of the rebuild of Christchurch with Koru fern fronds growing out of the pavement. We sponsored and built the bike racks as shown below.  

It's just nice to have someone take the time to thank us for our sponsorship and involvement.

We also designed an umbrella vertical bike rack, which received much media attention. We design and manufacture a wide range of functional and street art bikes racks. If your interested in bike racks checkout our website out HERE.