I'm back at work today, 4kg lighter, and feeling like I've had a month away from work. Our week long trip to the Fiordland national park was a huge success for the two boys we took with us, with both stepping up, growing up, shooting up (2 deer each), and enjoying the many challenges dumped in front of them. Everyone is keen for this to become an annual adventure.

During our week away I ensured my son Charlie endured many hardships. Like many kids of his generation, in his day to day life in the city much is done for him and in many ways he lives an enviable lifestyle. Fiordland offers no such luxuries, so our days were spent wet to the bone, stalking up and down steep muddy ridges for up to 14 hours a day, eating nuts, drinking stream water, and stalking deer. Sure there were some luxuries I don't normally take, but as the week progressed I noticed how he was responding positively to a bit of hardship and deprivation, he didn't seem to miss the luxuries, and was enjoying the natural environment in which we were living.   

All good learning for both of us.

Next week I'll be back to blogging about the glass and window industry