Today I'm back from delivering the KS400 Offroad glass lifter. On Thursday last week we took the robot to site. Its first job was to install structural glazed units in a curtainwall on the top floor of a new building. The first unit had access impaired due to the less than 90 degree angle in the buildings corner. The customer had failed to install this unit with an external crane and also with a spider crane.

We lifted the KS400 into the site, trained the onsite staff, picked up the glass unit, lifted, spun and positioned it so that it could be poked outside the building, manipulated it, and pulled it back into position, slid it sideways, and hung it on the buildings cleats. The whole process took around an hour and a half, and would probably take about 30 minutes to do again due to the learning curve. The customer was stoked!

I stayed on site while another 2 units were installed, at 20-30 minutes each, with each getting quicker.

Not only did we achieve an installation that nobody had been able to achieve with previous solutions, but we also learned just how much labour and lifting these neat little glass robots can save.

Checkout videos of the KS400 robot HERE. I'll be uploading more videos thru the next few days.