Last week I was referred to by one of my readers as "Aunty Barx", implying these blogs are about helping people fix their personal problems. So, listening to my audience, here's a blog about steel and glass processing equipment.

Last week I visited a medium sized window fabricator. They have sourced a lot of equipment from The Glass Racking Company, and have also made some of their own. I noticed some of their timber trolleys have castors with a tiny 50mm diameter castor. I questioned whether or not they stick on every bit of debris and swarf they hit. The customer said yes, and what a pain they are. I asked him how much he thought our castors cost â€" they are a quality product, with a 150mm diameter wheel, dual bearings and grease nipples, and are rated for 460kgs of load. We've used them for years, and they are very reliable. He took a long look, said he'd seen small ones in the local retailer for about $50, and suggested ours would be about $150. 

At $150 each I can see why he went for a smaller cheaper castor. Sometimes a particular job doesn't warrant the best componentry.

However, our swivel castors are $50 each.

Things are not always as they seem. Sometimes the quality product, sourced via the right channel and supplier, are actually not that more expensive. In this instance there can be no doubt as to which is the better castor for an investment of $50.

I'm pretty confident of replacing all the small castors throughout his factory.