Window Transportation

During the last week I've had a number of meetings about window transportation with medium to large window fabricators. Typically the discussion starts with a review of the benefits of trucks versus trailers, and then moves on to demountable frames. Demountable frames using our Window Transportation System have the highest capital cost but provide a colossal time saving and efficiency gain, especially when the customer is busy.

Many years ago one of our glass industry customers decided to invest in a type of glass transportation system which required a significantly more expensive transportation solution (one time cost) than that which the industry had traditionally used. He could see the efficiency gain he would get from the investment. Many of his competitors questioned how he could justify such a capital cost. That same design is now the norm for all the major players in the market he operates – the benefits were such that in order to stay competitive all the other companies in that market chose to implement similar transport solutions.

In my opinion the window industry is going through the same process, albeit during a time of economic recession. Once the economy picks up, and everyone becomes under pressure to deliver, the benefits of demountable window transportation frames (with their higher capital cost) will come to the fore – they will create greater savings and points of difference for their users.

Just like the glass industry, this technology will lift all the major players.