Tooth trolleys.

Like most companies, we develop our products with a goal of creating something which everyone will want, allowing us to "make it big". Our tooth trolley product is one example. A couple of years ago I had a marketing plan and was touting the benefits of our 30 slot DGU tooth trolley and our 20 slot tooth sash trolley – I figured that the layout of the teeth, the dimensions of the trolleys, and the benefits offered to the users would be massive and that these products would sell like hot cakes.

So why is it that my last 2 orders for this product have been for trolleys with wildly different dimensions? Why would one customer want the rows of teeth extended out another 300mm, and the other customer want back to back teeth close in on the base of the trolley? How could the needs of two similar businesses be so different?

The answer lies somewhere in the users minds. Both already have our standard tooth trolleys – the very ones that I thought would suit the mass market. And they do, and they do meet the needs of both these customers. However, each customer also asked for additional trolleys with different dimensions to suit a particular need – one for the tall narrow units installed beside entrance doors, and the other for wider architectural units.

Its pretty neat to come up with a marketing plan, get it underway, and then have your customers come to you with new applications for your product …..