Throw it out

As I write this blog for the glass and window industry it's Sunday night at around 8.45pm, and I've just spent a very solid 2 days working with my family cleaning out our house. We have renovators coming in tomorrow to repair damage done in the Christchurch earthquakes of over 2 years ago. They'll be here for 5 weeks.

I took this opportunity to sort our possessions into "those to keep" and "those to toss" based on whether we'd used the item in the last couple of years and the likelihood of using it in the next couple of years. Some of the items were easy where for example the kids had grown out of the item, others were not so easy due to emotional attachments and memories.

Somehow it's like a load lifted of my shoulders when I finally ditched some stuff. It feels right so it must be right.

Visiting glass and window companies at their premises I often see equipment which no longer fits the business and is unlikely to be used going forward.

So here's the challenge. Wander into your factory. Take a look at the items which are on the periphery of the main manufacturing line. Have they been used in the last year? Will you use them in the next year? What would the impact on the business be if they weren't there tomorrow? You know what they are – you've already thought about throwing them out – go on, get on with it …..