For many years I've been saying to my business partner that it'd be nice to get just one easy sale each week. One sale where the customer knows what they want, has the money, is prepared to pay for quality, and has a deadline to meet. The kind of customer interaction where the customer says something like "Hey Barx, can you please send me …are there any extras you think I should have with that … soon can I have it ….would you like a deposit ….."

Unfortunately with the way the economy has been, sales events like the above in the glass and window business have been few and far between. At The Glass Racking Company we do okay as a business, but we do invest a lot of time and money in people's projects that don't result in sales, and our margins could definitely be better.

I'm not suggesting that all sales should be easy, but just one easy sale a week would be good. But let's not go blaming anyone else, afterall in the words of the Chinese General Sun Tsu "What is essential in war is victory, not prolonged operations. To create such a situation is the ultimate responsibility of the General". Likewise the sales leader.

So, in the glass and window industry how does a sales team create such situations? How we do we position ourselves, our products and our companies so that customers want to buy, and do buy. There's plenty of books written on that topic!

Fortunately for myself, we've been successful with several "easy sales" in the last few weeks and it would seem that our markets might be starting to turn to "needing" our solutions rather than "wanting" our solutions. There are a number of factors which I believe have lead to this, and I think it is a trend. More on this next week.