Thank you for your feedback on last weeks blog. I got many responses varying from simple comments that readers found it interesting, to examples of how some glass and/or window companies have developed relationships where the construction company becomes dependent on them. To those who have achieved customers reliance on them, I take my hat off to you. You've done well.

During the weekend I watched a remarkable game of rugby between the Chiefs and the Brumbies in the Super 15 final. The Chiefs are a team with few if any stars. Few of their players have made the national team, and to be honest in Saturdays game those players didn't shine – they just did their job. The key to the Chiefs success was that they had zero weaknesses, and they worked as a team with a very high level of quality across the entire field and throughout the game. Some would say they had no "X-factor", and they are right, there was no "flash Harry strokes of brilliance", but they won. Perhaps their X-factor was their teamwork, coaching and leadership – they got the best performance out of each and every player.

By comparison the Brumbies were an "almost as good" team, with some X-factor players, but not the 100% bulletproof performance across all aspects of the game for the full 80 minutes. The result was that the Chiefs found enough opportunities to crack the defensive line, score, and win the game.

I know of a few glass and window businesses which are like the Chiefs. They are mostly run by older "statesmen of the industry" and just get on with the business, often flying under the radar with their opposition not really knowing just how profitable they are. They do the basics right – they always have enough projects to keep their staff busy, they make very few mistakes, they have low rates of rework, and they complete their projects without fuss and very efficiently. Each employee knows exactly what they have to do and how to do it. Teamwork. Coaching. Leadership. Like the Chiefs, these businesses are the winners.