22 February 2016

This is the sixth blog is a series on what makes a good glass factory trolley. 

Further to last weeks blog on the lean angle of A-frame and L-frame trolleys, the other trend we see is a move to harp or toaster style trolleys. In this format items are not stacked against each other but are stored individually allowing staff to add and remove items without touching or relocating other items. This saves time, reduces damage and hence rework costs, and simplifies storage.

Historically the down side of harp and toaster style trolleys was that they were built for loads of a specific thickness. If wider units where needed to be stored they wouldn't fit. We've developed a tooth storage system which overcomes this. Our tooth is designed specifically for glass and window, works very well, protects the product, saves time, and is a cost effective upgrade to many existing trolley systems.   

Tooth glass storage