This is the fourth blog is a series on what makes a good glass factory trolley. For many years we used to finish all our factory trolleys with hot dip galvanising. This was because most glass factories were wet environments. The nature of the equipment available at the time, the processes used and the factory layouts and setups meant there was typically a lot of water on the floor. Nowadays this has changed dramatically with most if not all water processes being encapsulated and a lot more use of drying within the overall glass process.

So what is the best finish – raw, painted or galvanised?

I guess this is more of a user opinion. Some customers like galvanising as it is very permanent and gives an attractive appearance to equipment which can lead to the equipment being better looked after. Paint finish is cheaper but does rub and chip which can lead to unsightly rust marks. As a cheap option raw steel finish can work for some factories. At the end of the day the level of rust experienced on glass trollies is unlikely to lead to product failure so the finish is more about appearance and the impact of rust marking on products.