Thanks to all the readers that wrote to me last week and confirmed that I'm not old, that 49 years classifies me as middle aged, and how I'm in extremely good shape for my age. I appreciate your support and words of encouragement as I count down the months, weeks and days to my half century.

This week I'm writing a newsletter about the suitability of vans for transporting glass. The newsletter will most likely be read by more glass and window industry participants than this blog, so it's important to get it right. The challenge is that the news is not good – the design of each new release of vans makes them less and less suitable as glass carriers. There are solutions but they require change and they're not all easy.

It will be interesting to see how the industry reacts. I expect some will think we are trying to upsell them into more expensive trucks. Some will think we are overstating the changes and that there is no real issues. Some may think we're skirting our responsibilities and warranties (which we're not). Hopefully, many will call or email to say "Thanks for the heads up. I understand what you're on about. The issues are relevant for my business. I'd like to sit down with you and plan our way forward".