My wife and I travelled to a friends 50th birthday party in the weekend. The party was a relatively formal affair with a sit down dinner and lots of speeches. Of the 23 guests, one (or both) of each couple all met 33 years ago, plus one neighbour. The tightness of this group of friends and the history we have made it an amazing dinner, and very funny speeches. Although we don't all get together that frequently we all know each other very well. Quite special friendships. 

The relevance to the glass and window industry? The Glass Racking Company has been supplying the needs of the glass and window industries for around 25 years. As staff move within companies and between companies we sometimes lose contact with them for a period, but more often than not they pop-up at some time in the future and we again work with them. The bonds formed working on projects together are very similar to personal friendships as there is a level of understanding and trust which underlies the dealings.  

As I re-read this blog it strikes me how it reads like the blog of an old man. I'm 49, I'm not old!