I received this response from an avid reader of Barx Blog. We communicate regularly and I thought this email suggesting a topic for a future blog should be printed in its entirety. Enjoy.

Hi Ian, how about doing a blog on why companies spend millions on computer programs that often only benefit them (management) and are reluctant to invest in simple products like the ones you and l have discussed often. Better simple things that improve productivity, safety, and build a better and more positive work force. They seem to think tapping into the knowledge of your floor staff makes them look less of a boss. Your staff are an untapped library. Also they will  feel appreciated and are more likely to be more productive . There is an old saying "Train your puppy well and treat it well, and it will grow to trust you and look to please you with great joy. Mistreat it and it will grow to hate you and eventually attack you".  We humans aren't that much different. Respect goes a long way in the work place as in life in general.