The power of a good photo
In our last newsletter to the New Zealand glass and window industries I published a photo of a window trailer we had just commissioned. The trailer is very functional, and I believe the most advanced window transportation system commercially available anywhere in the world. Nice gear. The photo showed off the sparkling galvanised trailer frame, stained timber deck against the verdant green of a hedge and bush. Nice photo.
The result was two well qualified calls from window companies who may well buy very similar window transport systems. Nice sales.
As salespeople it's easy to overlook how effective the right marketing material can be. I'll often read an aluminium die-holders brochureware while visiting fabricators and am frequently astonished at the quality of the sales material. The opportunities for enhancing our homes and lives with innovative glass and window products are endless - and they happen more often when the right discussion, photograph or experience sows seeds in our imagination, just as the window trailer did for some of our readers.
My advice is to get as much of your suppliers marketing material out to your clients as is feasibly possible. Slip brochures in with quotations. Get soft copies loaded onto your website. Provide links to supplier literature in all your communications - email, web, advertising and written. Be proud of your association with your suppliers and leverage all their investment in marketing. Invite your suppliers to host presentations to your clients. Encourage them to attend functions and events where their presence will assist you. Get them directly involved with your largest deals, keeping control but tapping them. Use their resources. In most instances this costs you nothing, just your time and effort.
That's all for now. I've gotta go sell a couple of window trailers ....