This morning I counted the total number of words submitted by me on this blog. It totals 78,026 words. An average novel is 65,000 words, so I figure I should change "Barx Blog" to "Barx Book".

It's an interesting exercise writing a blog item on the glass and window each week. For the most part the blogs just roll off the mind onto the paper. I'm fortunate to have opinions, and fortunate to have a role at work where I'm given access to the inner workings of many glass and window companies. Mix the two and throw in a handful of problem solving skills and you have the basis for each weeks blogs.

If there's anything you'd like me to investigate or give an opinion on please don't hesitate the email me on the link below. I'll do what I can, and have enjoyed some of the investigative work and blogging I've done for readers in the past.