This is the tenth blog is a series on the practicalities of the characteristics of glass. This was inspired by fellow glass industry blogger Deb Levy of US Glass Magazine fame.

This characteristic is that glass is possibly the only part of a building which people expect to last forever without any attention or maintenance. Walls and doors get repainted, carpets get cleaned and replaced, but the humble glass is at best cleaned every now and then with little consideration to a replacement plan. 

The exception is perhaps multiple glazing where the shortcomings of single glaze have been highlighted in recent years spawning a new industry of retrofit double glaziers. Additionally those doing house or building renovations will typically add more windows or replace small windows with larger ones, such is the trend for more natural light and more glass in modern buildings. These changes create new benefits for the building, and are not done because the old windows have worn out. 

Ah yes, glass, the most long-term robust component of most buildings!