This is the fourth blog is a series on the practicalities of the characteristics of glass.

This characteristic is absorption. Glass is a liquid and will absorb some residues. One of the most challenging for the glass and window industry is the absorption of a residue from rubber.  

Being a hard product which marks easily many of the lifting and storage items available for the industry have rubber bearers. Only a few suppliers to the industry (such as The Glass Racking Company) have developed polymers to avoid this. Much of the equipment which was initially designed for the stone industry uses rubber. The rubber residue gets into the glass and is not usually noticeable until the glass gets moisture on it, such as condensation on a frosty morning. The areas of rubber residue then show very clearly.

The solution is to keep all rubber products away from the glass during processing, transportation and installation. We supply a range of polymer bearers on or trolleys, storage systems, and transport systems for this very reason.