This is the third blog is a series on the practicalities of the characteristics of glass.

This characteristic is transparency. It's a see through product. The biggest challenge this creates in glass factories is protecting glass and protecting people from the glass. 

The biggest risk is cut glass items which overhang the storage or trolley. The structure of the trolley is visible but the overhanging glass is not. This creates a potential hazard for the glass and staff. Two solutions are commonly used to address this. The first is to have markers on the ends of large glass items. Clip on brightly coloured markers work well and don't leave a residue. The challenge is in implementing this solution and ensuring staff use the markers rather than any technical difficulty.

The second is to have a range of trolleys and storage systems available to suit the various sizes of glass item. This means that items can be stored and moved without any overhangs. No overhangs means the challenge created by glass being transparent is reduced.

Having the right trolleys and storage systems is the best option as operationally it's far easier to safely implement.