The design and structure of vans from many of the worlds leading brands are changing.

 Traditionally van designs have had the side panels connected to the roof panels at a point which allowed for a strong gutter to run the full length of each van side. This design provided for a very strong gutter as all weight applied to the gutter was supported by the full height side panel of the van, and very strong. Ideal for fixing a van rack for carrying a load of glass.

 More modern van designs (which some refer to as Euro styled vans) now have a side panel which rolls over and forms the roof panel of the van, most often with channels in the roof panel for supporting roofbars. Any downward weight applied to these channels is onto the horizontal flat roof panel and hence has little strength. This is addressed by the van manufacturers placing gussets within the van which tie the roof panel to the side panels. Unfortunately for some vans these gussets are rated for very light loads, as would usually be applied to roofbars (carrying the likes of ladders), and nowhere near the amount of load placed by a van rack carrying a load of glass. 

 This makes the choice of van for a glazier all the more critical.

 For vans with a low load rating on their roof fixing points other options for fixing the glass racks do exist, but none as simple or effective as mounting to strong gutters. If you're considering a Euro styled van for glass transportation please talk to us before you purchase.