This is the second blog is a series on the practicalities of the characteristics of glass.

This characteristic is weight. Glass weighs 2800kgs per cubic metre, making it one of the heavier materials lifted around factories and construction sites. A stock sheet 3660x2440 of 5mm glass weighs 112kgs and is a common item in glass shops.

Most factories have cranes, packlifters and other equipment for lifting and moving packs and cases of stock sheets. The challenge for the industry is once sheets are processed. Over time the average size of glass items has got larger, with double and triple glazing adding to each items weight. Add to this health and safety laws which define and often reduce the weights allowed to be carried by staff and we have a problem!

The solution is an easy one. There are plenty of equipment options for lifting glass items around factories. Light cranes for lifting on and off machinery, improved trolleys for storage and movement, glass robots for lifting and carrying, manual lifters, and so on. Add some good training on process and procedure and most challenges can be met. The biggest challenge is funding the equipment.

As a supplier to the industry we have a range of glass lifting, carrying and positioning products. Most of the large glass companies are investing in these solutions as they want to, they have to, and they can't afford not to. It's the smaller companies where the challenges are biggest. Investment in equipment is often more difficult for smaller companies, and harder to justify as the hours used per day for the equipment are usually less than in a large factory. 

In my opinion the key is to get started. Have a plan for lifting equipment. Don't try and do it all at once, but have a plan to invest in some new item each quarter. Show your staff your rollout plan and make it happen. Investments could be as simple as Carrymate lifters to assist with gripping glass when lifting, or a new trolley with some new features for a particular area of the factory. The key is to get started and make it happen. Don't get so far behind that its feels like climbing a mountain of work to catch-up. 

If we can help put that plan to together we will. Just ask!