And another thought on things which haven't changed in the glass industry ……

Glass is still fragile, still scratches easily, is still dangerous when broken, still weighs the same, and is still difficult to lift. The very same challenges faced by glass processors and installers, and by those who supply equipment to the glass and window industry decades ago are just as relevant today. 

Sadly the breakages of glass and injury to staff while handling, processing, and installing glass remain far too common. Many of the systems in place are now safer for staff and glass than they've ever been before, but we can do better!

Industry supplier such as The Glass Racking Company are continually coming up with better solutions to address these challenges. Our company and those we compete with invest in improved designs, better tooling, new dies, and better components. Our solutions continually get better at addressing the challenges faced by the industry.

I look forward to the day when glass factories no longer sing to the sound of breaking glass, when wastage is an inconsequential cost, and when injuries are eliminated. That's the day I'll retire!