This weeks blog is the tenth in a series of changes we've experienced in the glass and window industry in the last 25 years, and changes we've made to our company and its products to suit the industry we serve.

Many of the very large glass processing companies have employed senior managers from outside of the glass industry to assist with management of the factories. Traditionally knowledge of glass and the glass industry was the key criteria for these jobs, but increasingly we see senior managers with specialist manufacturing skills being inserted into key roles. As these factories become more highly automated the "touching" of the glass by staff becomes less, and it's almost like the uniqueness attributed to the glass product itself becomes less. It's all about the process.

The challenges for the factories remain the same. Cost of manufacture, speed to manufacture/deliver, reduction of rework and wastage, and addressing health and safety. These are the same challenges faced in all manufacturing factories and are not specific to glass. Any experience from any background which can assist a glass company with achieving improvements in these areas has got to be good for the industry as a whole.

As a company we help our customers to save time, reduce damage and rework, and address health and safety. This has not changed in 25 years.