This weeks blog is the eighth in a series of changes we've experienced in the glass and window industry in the last 25 years, and changes we've made to our company and its products to suit the industry we serve.

Last week we looked at the volume increases required in factory storage and transportation for double glaze units. Another challenge is the increasing weights of double glaze units.

At twice the weight of a single glaze pane, double glaze creates all sorts of challenges for the window manufacturers and their products, be they aluminium or PVC. Overtime the amount of aluminium in the window sections has been increased to accommodate the weight increases, and very recently we've seen changes to the fundamental design of some window suites. We provide lifting solutions for window factories to assist staff to lift, handle and process these heavy units, plus we help with factory designs and equipment which limit the need for lifting and moving.

For transportation of finished goods to site many fabricators and installers have a renewed focus of reducing damage and rework. Damage to a double glaze unit on its way to being installed creates a far bigger problem and more lengthy and expensive fix than did damage to a single glaze unit. The actual costs of rework of finished goods has been discussed previously in this blog, and is quite horrific. It's quite simply unaffordable. Our pole based Window Transportation Solution protects the finished goods by ensuring no hard surface touches the product from the time it leaves the final glazing rig, and the poles retain the units perpendicular to the vehicles frame which greatly reduces movement while in transportation. All that means less damage, less rework, and lower costs.

As a company we help our customers to save time, reduce damage and rework, and address health and safety. This has not changed in 25 years.